Bensi Italian Restaurant

An Old Bridge Restaurant Review

Shoppes at Old Bridge
3899 US Highway 9
Old Bridge

Bensi Restaurant 


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Price Moderate
Fare Italian

Restaurant Rating

Food 1.5 Stars
Service 1.5 Stars
Decor 2.5 Stars
Overall Rating 1.5 Stars

Restaurant Review

This is your typical chain restaurant when it comes to food and service.

The best things to say about this restaurant are that the prices are very reasonable, and the decor is attractive.

The decor is contemporary with the color scheme in dark shades of red and black, The dining room has a huge black & White photo across the back wall with well dressed women, circa early fifties, eating spaghetti that hangs out of their mouths.

The menu is traditional Italian, and of good quality. However, it lacks imagination and many of the nuances that go into the care and preparation to separate it from the many other fine Italian restaurants in the Old Bridge - Marlboro area. If you are accostomed to fine dining, don't expect to have the wait staff offer fresh grated cheese or crushed pepper with your meal.

A server will come by shorly after your are seated to serve up a loaf of very good warm ciabatta bread, crispy on the outside, and moist and tender on the inside.

For starters, try the Fried Calamari, Lightly breaded and served with lemon and marinara sauce; or the Zuppa di Clams in a chunky marinara sauce.

For dinner entrees, try the Stuffed Veal Pomodoro - Veal scaloppini stuffed with fresh mozzarella, romano cheese and fresh herbs sauteed in a red sauce; or the Penne Bensi - Chicken, broccoli, fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil and olive oil

The service is friendly, though rushed and lacking the extra care to earn a higher rating.

They don't accept reservations for parties less than six, and on weekends the wait after 6 pm is very long. They have an attractive, well stocked bar to enjoy a pre-dinner drink while waiting for your table.

They are family and kid friendly and have an excellent children's menu.

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