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New Jersey has all kinds of events and festivals that appeal to people with special interests.

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This site has provided information on some the best events and festivals in New Jersey.

Now it's your turn. If you feel that we have overlooked an event or festival that has wide appeal, let us know!

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Music Festivals

NJ Music FestivalsMusic Festivals These are festivals that are enjoyed by people of all ages and include blue grass, country, rock, jazz, folk, contemporary, and many other types of music. The music festivals range from jam sessions to multi-stage performances and can feature any where from up-coming, new breed artists to established, well known performers.

Family Festivals

NJ Family FestivalsFamily Festivals
Discover where the popular family festivals are. These are festivals that have a wide range of appeal to family's with children. These include celebrations of events with music, food, fun activities, crafts and more.

Arts and Crafts FestivalsNJ Arts and Crafts Festivals

Arts & Crafts Festivals
Discover where the arts and crafts festivals are. These are shows where artists, artisans, and crafts people display and sell their work.
Shows range from major national or regional events with 50,000+ visitors to small local fund-raisers.



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