My Favorite cannabis Dispensary and Cannabis based Sleep promoting products

by Elly
(Freehold, NJ)

My Favorite cannabis dispensary is NJ Leaf, which opened last year in Freehold, NJ.

They are woman-owned, minority-owned, and pharmacist-owned and operated. After two visits since they opened, I have found them to be pleasant, informative, and very helpful in recommending cannabis-based products.

I suffer from sleep insomnia and refuse to take drugstore prescription sleeping pills that tend to be addictive. Over-the-counter products such as melatonin have not been effective.

After two visits. With the help of the NJ Leaf staff, I have settled into a routine of using three different cannabis products, depending on the activity I am facing, and being careful not to rely on just one product to avoid developing a tolerance.

The three cannabis products that I currently am using to my satisfaction are:

* CHILL swallowable pills. Low THC blend of cannabis, CBD, and plant medicine that takes effect after twenty minutes.
* Verano Live Resin Cartridge. A .5g Apricot Stomper used mostly for vaporizing before bedtime
* SNOOZZE Berry Cannabis-infused bites. A gummy that works well for longer-lasting sleep. I love these, especially for long overnight airplane rides, since I am not a person who can sleep on a plane.

On each subsequent visit to NJ Leaf, this mix will be altered as they either run out of a product or receive a new product that they suggest I try.

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