Best New Jersey Family Festivals And Events

Music, Food, Entertainment and Fun Activities

These popular festivals occur at venues in all corners of NJ and have wide appeal with families with kids.

They feature events with special themes and are known for having good music, food, entertainment, skilled artisans and performers, fun activities, crafts, and more!

Note: This information is provided by event sponsors as a free service to our viewers. Sometimes conditions require cancellations or changes of dates, times and location which are not reflected in the original schedule. Before planning a trip to visit one of the listed events, it is suggested that you call the event sponsor to confirm the event schedule or for additional information on the event.

March 2017 North Jersey Family Festivals And Events

.Morristown, NJ - Parade
Saturday, March 11, 2017; @ Noon
The day begins with Mass at 10:00am at the Church of the Assumption, off Maple Avenue in Morristown. at the corner of South Street and James Street. The parade route is South Street to Atno Avenue. There will be about 20 bands with about 50,000 in attendance either in the parade or as spectators.

Under the Shad Moon, Chwame Gischuch - Lenape New Year
March 19th, 2017; 1 - 5pm
Historic New Bridge Landing
1201-1209 Main St.
River Edge, NJ 07661
Website (Check details & Schedule)
The event features exhibits, tours, and entertainment

April 2017 North Jersey Family Festivals And Events

Open Cockpit Weekend at Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum of New Jersey
Saturday/Sunday April 8th and 9th, 2017; 10:00 AM - 4 PM
Aviation Hall of Fame & Museum of New Jersey
400 Fred Wehran Drive
Teterboro, NJ 07608
call 201-288-6344
Age range: All ages; Price: $8 - $10
Cockpits that will be open include a very rare Lockheed Bushmaster,A Coast Guard Sikorski HH-52A helicopter, a TWA Convair 880 jetliner circa 1959, a "M*A*S*H" Bell-47Helicopter, a Grumman OV-1A reconnaissance aircraft, a Bell AH-1 Cobra Gunship, and a Walter Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting Truck. Additionally, the world's only surviving Martin 202 airliner is on display but only the cabin is open. This aircraft's first airline service was in 1950. Other Open Cockpit Weekends in 2017 are: 5/20-21, 6/17-18, 8/19-20, 10/7-8, and 11/11-12.

May 2017 Northern NJ Family Festivals and Events

The Just JerseyFood, Truck & Music Festival
May 6, 2017; 11:00AM
Chester Municipal Field
134 Main street
Chester, NJ
(973) 927-2794
The event ifamily event features, Foodm Beer, Music and Fun for the entire family Over 20 Gourmet Food Trucks, partnered with some incredible bands, make for an enchanting and fulfilling spring day. Bring your appetite, lawn chairs and blankets. Dine on excellent food, while enjoying the beer and sangria garden along with the amazing sounds. Note: They are also asking all attendees to bring a non-perishable canned or boxed item to help support the food pantry. Please help those less fortunate. – Benefit for the Chester Fire Dept and Food Bank

June 2017 Northern NJ Family Festivals and Events

Tri-County Fair
June 15-18, 2017
Christ Church
140 Green Pond Road
Rockaway, NJ
Exit 37 off of RT-80
Website - Discount tickets are availble when you purchase advance sale ride vouchers online at a 33% off discount!
This family event event features carnival attractions, rides, games, music, and more.Come out and enjoy spectacular rides such as Delusion or the Zipper, classics rides like the Ferris Wheel, kiddie rides, games of chance, gourmet waffles, handmade zeppoles, fried Oreo's, po'boy sandwiches, delicious homemade lemonade and much more! The Tri-County Fair will also feature free family entertainment such as; family friendly music, a spectacular fireworks show on Friday @ 9:30pm, a complimentary musical showcase where local bands will display their talents and entertain fair-goers an old time car show complete with 50's music and all new for 2016 a BMX Super Stunt Show and much more!

Central Jersey Family Festivals

Central Jersey Family Festivals

Central Jersey Family Festivals feature events with special themes, and music, food, entertainment, skilled artisans, and fun activities.
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South Jersey Family Festivals

South Jersey Family Festivals

South  Jersey Family Festivals feature events with special themes, and music, food, entertainment, skilled artisans, and fun activities.
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