New Jersey Events: For Entertainment and Themed Celebrations

A monthly calendar of the top destination events in NJ

New Jersey Monthly Events

It features the most popular entertainment events and scheduled leisure activities at the larger venues for concerts, theatre, festivals, kids events, and special themed shows.

The schedule has appeal with people of all ages and interests, especially with parents and/or families with children ages 4-18

Note: This information is provided by event sponsors as a free service to our viewers. Sometimes conditions require cancellations or changes of dates, times and location which are not reflected in the original schedule. Before planning a trip to visit one of the listed events, it is suggested that you call the event sponsor to confirm the event schedule or for additional information on the event.

January 2017 Events

New Jersey January Events

January is popular for indoor events, and for the more adventurous, there are some great outdoor winter fun activities
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February 2017 Events

New Jersey February Events

February with many indoor events is also the time to celebrate Valentines Day and Presidents weekend.
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March 2017 Events

New Jersey March Events

March with the emergence of Spring is highlighted by St. Patrick's Day and popular entertainment events.
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April 2017 Events

April Events

April brings Spring into full bloom with the greening of trees, the emergence of flowers and many outdoor events.
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May 2017 Events

May Events

May is the unofficial beginning of summer when visitors will head out by the thousands to the Jersey shore.
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June 2017 Events

June Events

A time to take advantage of the popular attractions before school is out and vacationers and day trippers are out in full force.
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July 2017 Events

New Jersey July Events

A great time of the year to enjoy the Jersey Shore, it's beaches, boardwalks, amusements parks, festivals and fireworks
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August 2017 Events

New Jersey August Events

The last opportunity to visit the popular outdoor events at the Jersey Shore, inland destinations and festivals.
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September 2017 Events

New Jersey September Events

September brings the official end of summer and with the weather still very pleasant a great time to enjoy outdoor events.
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October 2016 Events

New Jersey Outdoor Events

A great time to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage. In northwest New Jersey, the peak season is from October 19th through 29th.
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November 2016 Events

New Jersey November Events

November is the beginning of the winter holiday season. with many festive holiday themed attractions and events.
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December 2016 Events

New Jersey December Events

December is the peak of the winter holiday season and a time for celebrations, indoor events and New Years' Eve Parties.
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