Doro (D'oro) Restaurant

A Chatham, NJ Restaurant Rating and Review

Doro (D'oro) Restaurant
219 Main St.
(973) 701-6990


Price Moderate
Fare Italian

Restaurant Ratings

Food 2.0 Stars
Service 3.0 Stars
Decor 2.0 Stars
Overall Rating 2.5 Stars

Restaurant Review

thumbs up Most diners report service is outstanding with old school charm and a well trained staff.

thumbs up Most diners report the prices are very reasonable, offering good value.

thumbs up Most diners enjoyed the desserts that are made on the premises.

thumbs down Some diners report that on busy evenings the noise level gets very high.


The owner and manager of D'oro Restaurant comes with excellent credentials.

Prior to his opening of D'oro, Sam Bruncaj was maitre d' at Benito's in Union and general manager at Tosca in Kenilworth.

The dining area is spread out in a large rectangular room with a two-table alcove near the entrance. While not quite elegant, the atmosphere is enhanced by soft lighting, warm yellow walls, wooden chairs, tile floors, and comfortably separated tables with white tablecloths.

The old world service is what distinguishes D'oro restaurant from other mediocre fine dining Italian restaurants. It begins when you enter and are most likely greeted by Sam Bruncaj, and continues on from the opening of your BYOB wine and throughout your dining event as he and his staff oversee the dining area to ensure patrons are receiving a rewarding dining experience.

Mr. Bruncaj and his chef Carlos Mendoza have teamed up to offer a large variety of Northern Italian dishes that are well prepared and priced for good value.

When available for starters, the recommended choices are: The Warm Button Mushrooms stuffed with crab meat; and The Roasted Vegetables with Goat Cheese; and the Salad with grilled figs and white balsamic vinaigrette.

When available, the recommended dinner entrees are: The Stuffed Shrimp accompanied by wilted spinach; The Spiedino alla Romana with fried bread and mozzarella dipped in egg batter and served with a deeply concentrated anchovy-caper sauce: and the Pan-Seared Ma hi-Ma hi with a balsamic reduction.

Most of the desserts at D'Oro are made on the premises. The recommended choices are: The Tiramisu; and The Flour less chocolate cake

If you need a bottle of wine, there is a liquor store with a decent wine selection about 150 feet from the restaurant's back door. Municipal Parking is behind the building one block away.

Not recommended for children.

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