The Wine Bar

An Atlantic Highlands, NJ Restaurant Rating and Review

The Wine Bar
40 1st Avenue
Atlantic Highlnds, NJ
(732) 291-1377

The Wine Bar


Price Expensive
Fare Mediterranean

Restaurant Ratings

Food 2.5 Stars
Service 2.0 Stars
Decor 3.0 Stars
Overall Rating 2.5 Stars

Restaurant Review

thumbs up Most diners enjoyed the very large attractive lounge area and couches, with a large selection of wines and tapas that can be consumed in the lounge before dinner.

thumbs up Vibrant bar scene

thumbs up A wine list with over 120 labels and 24 wines by the glass

thumbs down The kitchen is shared with the Harborside Restaurant downstairs. Many diners report that on busy evenings, food service can be slow.


Owned and operated by Courtney and Michael Rosa, The Wine Bar, located upstairs from their Harborside Grill, is an upscale, casual restaurant and wine bar frequented by 30+ aged, affluent diners looking for an attractive setting for good food and wine to enjoy with friends and on special occasions.

The menu prepared by chef Brian Imbriale, serves up good Mediterranean influenced cuisine featuring of steaks, seafood, pastas and burgers.

The centerpiece is an attractive open lounge with soft couches, armchairs, and bar stools, complemented by the elegantly done up main dining area with more than 100 wines racked in a handsome wine closet running along the back wall in view of 60 seats and well-spaced tables. The setting makes for good conversation and a low noise level.

The ambiance is romantic and is a good place for a cozy, intimate diner celebrating an anniversary or special date night.

The lounge area, where you can also enjoy a drink and tapas, also has a piano player to enhance the ambiance.

The Wine Bar offers a seasonal menu where the food is cooked downstairs in the same kitchen as Harborside.

When available, for tapas (or appetizers), the popular servings are; The Seared Coriander and Pepper Tuna with mesculin and frisce wrap with ginger cognac dressing; The Risotto Flight Lobster with crab & mushroom, and shrimp & spinach

When available, for dinner entrees, the popular dishes are: The Porcini Dusted Scallops with crab and mushroom risotto, snow peas, truffle oil and a beurre rouge sauce; The Lobster Orchichette with sauteed mushrooms, proscuitto, lobster meat, edamame, and peas in a roasted tomato lobster sauce, over orchichette pasta; and The Boneless Prime Short Ribs and Colossal Shrimp with herb grilled shrimp, sweet potato hash, julian parsnips and demi glaze.

Their hours of operation are limited to dinners served on Thursday - Saturday, 6:00pm - close.

They are also available for private parties on Sunday through Wednesday, as well as Saturday afternoons, of up to 130 people.

The Wine Bar is located just one block from the Sea Streak Ferry Terminal.

Not recommended for children.

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