The Best Peach Picking Farms in New Jersey

Picking Your Own Peaches Is A Great Summertime Family Activity

New Jersey Peaches

If you love peaches and enjoy getting out with the family for a fun activity, head on out to a pick your own peach farm and take home fresh, fully ripened, and flavorful peaches --- peaches that you aren't able to get at the local supermarket.

Little known fact: The Garden State is the 4th largest peach producer in the country

Peach picking season begins in early July and runs to the middle of September, depending on varieties and weather conditions.

Peach Picking Tips

Fully ripened peaches should be picked when the fruit can be easily removed from the branches, otherwise they are not fully ripened.

Peaches will not ripen after separation from the tree --- they will only "soften".

Check the color when picking. The deepness of the red coloring varies with the variety of the peach and is not always a true indicator of ripeness.

Yellow varieties ripen to an orange skin tint while white varieties changes from greenish to yellow-white. Green skin is always a sign of an unripened peach.

You can't always rely on the color red as an indicator of how ripe a peach is. Softness is another indicator of a peach being ripe for picking. For a fresh, fully ripened peach, it should have a little give when gently pressed.

Peaches can be kept refrigerated for a week in a refrigerator. For best flavor and texture, use them as soon as possible after picking.

Note: This information is provided by the farms as a free service to our viewers.  As weather conditions dictate the growing seasons and picking times, it is suggested that you call the farms to confirm the picking schedule and special events or for additional information on their activities.

Northern New Jersey Peach Picking Farms

Alstede Farms
Chester, NJ
(908) 879-7189
Every Saturday, Sunday and Holiday from 12 noon to 4 pm they have live entertainers

Demarest Farms
Hillsdale, NJ 07642
Peach picking starts approximately the 3rd week of July
Weekends open to the public 10 to 3

Melick's Town Farm
Califon, NJ
(908) 439-2318
They have over 5,000 peach trees and grow over 30 varieties of both yellow and white peaches to allow a long season for your selection. Fresh peaches for picking in July, August and September

Phillips Farms
Milford, NJ
A family-owned farm situated along the scenic Delaware River in the rolling countryside of Holland Township

Tree Licious Orchards
Port Murray, NJ
Peaches are one of their signature fruits. Uses low-impact farming methods including integrated pest management.

Central New Jersey Peach Picking Farms

Battleview Orchards
Freehold, NJ
(732) 462-0756
Peach picking is typically available beginning the 2nd week in July and lasting into the 2nd week of September

Eastmont Orchards
Colts Neck, NJ
(732) 542-5404
Open seven days/week during picking season beginning early July.

Giamarese Farm
East Brunswick, NJ
Open early July to September

Lee Turkey Farm
East Windsor, NJ

The picking/market hours are from 9:00am till 6:00pm begonning about the 2nd week in July. You must be at the farm no later than 5:15pm to enter the fields and orchards.

Terhune Orchards
Princeton, NJ

While the pick your own peach season begins early July, their annual peach festivals occurs in August

Southern New Jersey Peach Picking Farms

Johnson’s Corner Farm
Medford, NJ
More than Peach Picking. Visit their Animal Farm, which now includes an obstacle course. The Animal Farm is bursting with many animals to feed along with a pipe slide, wacky bridge, rope maze, balance beam, and tire climb! Enjoy our furry animals in a picturesque farm setting with utilities to feed them safely through our feeding tubes and to wash-up afterwards at our hand washing stations. There is also the Discovery Barnyard This is a Fun-filled and secure area designed for Families with young children. The Discovery Barnyard is brimming with age appropriate climbing structures, shaded eating area, small animal barnyard, and our very popular pedal go-carts. Click this link for a full explanation, and check out our photo gallery of fun! On those hot summer days, cool off at our farm market with a delicious Ice Cream cone, thick Milkshake, or refreshing Italian Ice, and enjoy it while sitting under the shade of our sycamore trees or our tented picnic area.

Mood's Farm Market
Mullica Hill, NJ
(856) 478-2500
Closed Sundays, Open Monday - Saturday, 8am-7pm. They grow Cling and Freestone yellow and white peaches.With Cling peaches, the pit does not easily separate from the fleshy fruit. With Freestone peaches, the fruit easily separates from the stone. Freestone peaches are easier to work with and are recommended for canning.

Strawberry Hill Farm
Chesterfield, NJ
Open daily, 9am - 5pm


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