Emilys Ocean Room Cafe

An Ocean City, NJ Restaurant Rating and Review

Emilys Ocean Room Cafe
719 E. 11th St.
Ocean City, NJ 08226
(609) 399-1000

Emily's Ocean Room Cafe, Ocean City NJ




Price Moderate-Expensive
Fare Seafood

Restaurant Ratings

Overall Rating    

Restaurant Review

thumbs up Some diners report it is one of the best restaurants in Ocean City

thumbs upSome diners report it is the most upscale restaurant in Ocean City

thumbs down A Few diners report the service is slow.

thumbs downSome diners report some of the menu items are pricey

Value: Good
Noise Level: High during peak times
Dress: Upscale casual
Recommended For: Diners who are overnighting in Ocean City and looking for an upscale restaurant with good food.
Not Recommended For: Diners who are overnighting in Ocean City and prefer a more casual atmosphere and lower prices
Recommended dishes: The menu changes daily; Seafood and steak specials; For breakfast their specialty homemade quiches.
Liquor: No Alcohol - No BYOB permitted.

Emilys Ocean Room Cafe is located in Flander's Hotel and is considered by some Ocean City diners to be one of the better restaurants in the family Jersey Shore Beach destination.

Emily's decor, by Ocean City standards, is more formal than most with soft lighting, dark woods, and white linen topped tables. The walls are adorned with wall sconces and classic paintings.

Open all year, they serve breakfast and lunch daily and dinner in season with pool side and patio dining during the warmer summer months.

The menu

at Emilys Ocean Room Cafe consists of traditional American seafood, steak, and other meat selections. This is not the place to come for eclectic or creative food preparations found in other neighboring beach towns. The menu offers specials that change daily.

Note: Ocean City is a "Dry Town" and alcohol is prohibited from being consumed.

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