Annata Wine Bar

A Hammonton, NJ Restaurant Rating and Review

Annata Wine Bar
216 Bellevue Ave
Hammonton, NJ 08037
(609) 704-9797

Annata Wine Bar, Hammonton, NJ


Price Expensive
Fare Italian Influenced Tapas

Restaurant Ratings

Food 2.0 Stars
Service 2.0 Stars
Decor 3.0 Stars
Overall Rating 2.5 Stars

Restaurant Review

thumbs upMany patrons report they enjoyed being able to have a large variety of wines by the glass, with a plate sharing menu, while hanging out with friends and listening to live music.

thumbs upMany patrons from the Hammonton area report they enjoy having a sophisticated wine bar to hang out with friends.

thumbs down Some patrons reported they were not pleased with being seated in the back room with high ceilings and sparse decor.

thumbs down Some patrons report inconsistency with the food preparation and service.


Annata Wine Bar, located in the center of Hammonton, is a Tuscan styled wine bar offering 163 wines by the glass, bottle, and case --- designed to be paired with a selections from their Italian influenced tapas (plate sharing) menu.

The ambiance is cozy, chic, and trendy, and is the most sophisticated and elegant restaurant in Hammonton.

Looking through the tall plate-glass window the dining room offers a rustic, yet elegant atmosphere where dinners can enjoy a view looking out into the heart of the town'

The dining room is done up with an old stone wall with stucco and some exposed brick, dark hardwood floors, and rows of wine bottles stacked on wooden shelves all around the perimeter. The tables are set with white tablecloths and cream-colored napkins, and are surrounded by comfortable, overstuffed, green arm chairs.

This is an ideal place for a romantic dinner, a night out with a group of friends, or to celebrate a special occasion.

If you are there for a romantic, cozy dinner, ask to be seated in the alcove along the wall.

While the featured attraction is the wide variety of wine selections, the dining menu is mainly tapas --- small portions meant for plate sharing.

When available, the popular tapas selections are: The Duo of Gnocchi, with house made potato gnocchi in a sage brown butter sauce, house made spinach and ricotta gnocchi in a creamy tomato basil sauce; The Filet Mignon Cheesesteak Sliders with three mini buns, lettuce, tomato, crispy onions and your choice of gorgonzola cheese or aged cheddar cheese: and The Lobster Mac and Cheese with elbow macaroni in a bacon infused mornay cheese sauce topped with tender lobster morsels.

They have live entertainment on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings, with live Jazz performers on Thursday evenings.

They also accommodate private parties for corporate functions and special occasions.

Open six days a week, Tuesday - Sunday, for lunch and dinner.

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