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Old Country Buffet
A Restaurant Rating and Review



Old Country Buffet
Pond Rd, 4345 Rt. 9N
Freehold, NJ
(732) 431-9747

Old Country Buffet 

A review of a Freehold, New Jersey buffet restaurant serving up traditional American food.


The restaurant ratings and reviews have been established on the basis of personal visits by the restaurant editor of New Jersey Leisure Guide and/or other reliable sources who have made a visit to the restaurant and/or feed back from our viewers.

Price In-expensive
Fare American Buffet

Restaurant Rating

Food 1 Star
Service N/A
Decor 1.5 Stars
Overall Rating 1 Star

Restaurant Review

This place is ideal for people with a large appetite who enjoy a large meal at a reasonable price.

The interior is spacious, clean, an attractive.

It's a very popular place for senior citizens looking for good basic American traditional selections at a very reasonable price.

The service is prompt and friendly.

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