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Chefs Table Cafe Catering
A Jamesburg, NJ Restaurant and Catering Review


Chefs Table Cafe Catering
200 Buckelew Avenue
Jamesburg, NJ

Chef's Table Cafe Catering 



Our restaurant ratings and reviews have been established on the basis of a combination of many sources including, personal visits by the restaurant editor of New Jersey Leisure Guide, visitor reviews, and restaurant critics.

Price Moderate
Fare Breakfast-Lunch-Catering

Restaurant Rating

Food 2.5 Stars
Service 2 Stars
Decor 1 Stars
Overall Rating 2.5 Stars

Restaurant Review

While this small breakfast and lunch restaurant in Jamesburg serves very good, well prepared food at a reasonable price, they are fast building an excellent reputation with full service catering and event management for in-home holiday, special occasion celebrations, and family affairs.

Their breakfasts, lunches and snacks use fresh ingredients and offers a selection of traditional food as well as a number of tasty, creative, and attractively presented items for the more adventurous.

This restaurant is a diamond in the rough in Jamesburg, a town not noted for creative restaurants.

The atmosphere is small town friendly, yet it's food is sophisticated

For a special lunch sandwich, try the Smoked Turkey with grilled apples, brie and honey mustard on sourdough. The portion is generous and is accompanied by a tasty homemade potato salad.

Their catering and party specials are creative and well prepared and they will work with you on customizing the food arrangements to your diet preferences and occasion.The minimum is for six servings.


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