Sister Sues Restaurant
An Asbury Park, NJ Restaurant Rating and Review


Sister Sues Restaurant
311 Bond St
Asbury Park NJ

Sistr Sue's Restaurant Asbury Park 

A New Jersey restaurant review of a Caribbean restaurant serving up family cooking in a friendly setting.


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Price Inexpensive-Moderate
Fare Trinidadian - Vegetarian

Restaurant Rating

Food 2.5 Stars
Service 2.5 Stars
Decor 1.5 Stars
Overall Rating 2.0 Stars

Restaurant Review



Owner Gary Edwards takes his inspiration from his grandmother (a.k.a. "Sister Sue") and to carry his family's food tradition with this restaurant.The food is served up in a very friendly, down to earth atmosphere. The inside is decorated with vibrant orange walls with a mural of the history of Trinidad.

They serve up a variety of fish, meat, chicken, and goat dinners with many choices of vegan food and includes many mock dishes like Mock jerk chicken legs or mango chicken legs, mock lemon chicken, mock fish, mock beef.

Many of the dishes are served with Roti which is a cooked dough hit with a wooden paddle prepared from flour, vegetable oil, salt, baking powder & water

Curried meat, fish, or chicken is almost always eaten with Roti.

The favorites are their signature signature shrimp and mango salad, and beef, chicken and ox tail stews; and the vegan curry chicken.

They also serve up tasty drinks. Try the Mauby or Peanut Punch. Calaloo side is really yummy too, like creamed spinach but made with coconut milk.


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