Mahogany Grill
A Manasquan, NJ restaurant review

Mahogany Grill
142 Main Street
Manasquan, NJ


Mahogany Grill, Manasquan, NJ 



Price Expensive
Fare New American

Restaurant Rating

Food 3.0 Stars
Service 2.5 Stars
Decor 3.0 Stars
Overall Rating 3.0 Stars

Restaurant Review


This popular Jersey Shore restaurant has a New York atmosphere complete with a well prepared and creative "New American" menu featuring many steak dishes.

True to its namesake, the interior is done up with elegant dark mahogany, softly lit Tiffany lamps, illuminated oil paintings, white linen table settings and comfortable, cushioned chairs.

During the summer months, reservations are a must, and even with reservations, expect a wait. However, if a pre dinner cocktail is your ritual, snuggle up to the bar and be entertained by the gregarious Jimmy the bartender who will hold court while preparing your cocktail. If martinis are to your liking, he makes a mean martini. The bar scene is lively and an enjoyable addition to a fine dining experience.

The main dining area is separated from the bar with columns and a half wall with etched glass. The side room has a fireplace and cozy tables looking out onto the street.

The food is well prepared with quality ingredients. It's hard to come up with a short list of its best dishes, they are many.

For starters, try the Crab Salad with Jumbo Lump Crab Meat and Chilpotle Aioli; the Seared Sesame Tuna with Cucumber, Daikon Radish, Glass Noodles, White Soy and Kabiaki Drizzles; or the Crackling Fried Calamari with Banana Pepper and Garlic Nage.

For entrees, the popular favorites are; the Grilled Center Cut Filet Mignon
Scallion and Red Bliss Mashed Potatoes with Acorn Squash, Port Wine Demi-Glace; the Rack of Lamb with Asparagus, Sweet Onion Mashed Potatoes,
Fig Compote and Jersey Apple Reduction; or the Chilean Sea Bass prepared in
Eggplant Wrapped Sea Bass, Braised Leeks, Wild Rice, Olive Tapenade, and Walnut Oil.

Save room for dessert Try the Flour less Chocolate Souffle cake; or the Pecan and Vanilla Bean Cheesecake.

The wine list at the Mahogany Grill is extensive with about 100 selections, many priced under $50.

Service is friendly, attentive, although during their busy summer months it can be rushed.

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