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New Jersey Leisure Guide Restaurant Forum#1
July 29, 2010

Interested in Becoming A Moderator for our new New Jersey Restaurants Forum?

We have received many suggestions that we should consider starting a New Jersey restaurant forum to complement our Restaurant Reviews service offered on our web site.

As many of you have found, our restaurant reviews service in New Jersey Leisure guide is the largest single source of all-inclusive, impartial New Jersey restaurant reviews. Unlike other sources that review restaurants on the basis of a single visit by a restaurant critic, or on the basis of a few restaurant diners, our restaurant ratings and reviews take into account a wider audience and are the result of a compilation of many sources, including restaurant critics and diners who have eaten there.

With the addition of a restaurant forum we will now be able to display the actual comments from restaurant diners and share them with our viewers and subscribers.

As a subscriber to, we as are offering you the opportunity to become a moderator for the new restaurant forum for restaurants in New Jersey.

A forum moderator is someone granted special powers to enforce the rules of an Internet forum (or, as the case may be, their personal whim; the title refers to the powers more than the intent). Almost all moderators can move discussions to different sections of the forum, "close" or "lock" discussions to prevent users from continuing to discuss them, edit the content of individual postings, and "pin" or "stick" discussions so they remain visible in their forum section even if no new postings are made to them.

Moderators may participate just as any normal member, provided they remain civil and generally obey the site rules.

If interested in becoming a moderator for our new New Jersey Restaurants forum, please let me know by using the contact us form


Frank Dalotto


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