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New Jersey weather is known for a moderate climate, however, conditions vary based on location.

January is the coldest month, with average high temperatures in the mid 30s. Colder conditions are common in the northwest

August is the warmest month, with average temperatures near 80 degrees. Beach front temperatures are often cooler.




Annual precipitation averages near 45 inches, with higher amounts in the north west mountain areas of the north.


If it rains, check out some of the local tourist shops, go antiquing, look around for some great arts and crafts, or museums or perhaps you can hit the casinos. If it's sunny and warm, DO EVERYTHING ELSE!


If traveling in the winter, be sure to pack a warm coat, gloves, hat, and waterproof shoes.


During the summer, it's swimsuit weather, and shorts, tanks and tees are the norm. If you are heading down the shore (along the coast) it tends to be cooler in the summer, more so in the spring when the ocean is still cold, and less so in the fall when the ocean is still warm.


New Jersey Weather Records, Data

Month --------- Average HighTemp
January --------- 41.0° F
February --------44.0° F
March -----------52.0° F
April -------------61.0° F
May -------------71.0° F
July --------------80.0° F
June ------------ 85.0° F
August ----------83.0° F
September -----77.0° F
October ---------66.0° F
November ------56.0° F
December ------46.0° F

Month ------- Average Precipation
January ----- 3.60 in
February --- 2.85 in
March ------- 4.06 in
April ---------- 3.45 in
May ---------- 3.38 in
July ----------- 2.66 in
June ---------- 3.86 in
August------- 4.32 in
September - 3.14 in
October ------ 2.86 in
November --- 3.26 in
December --- 3.15 in

Month ------ Record HighTemp
January ------- 78.0° (01/24/1967)
February ------ 75.0° (02/24/1985)
March ---------- 87.0° (03/30/1998)
April- ------ ----- 94.0° (04/27/1969)
May --------- --- 99.0° (05/29/1969)
June ---------- 106.0° (06/28/1969)
July ------------ 104.0° (07/03/1966)
August ------- 100.0° (08/15/1988)
September ---- 99.0° (09/11/1983)
October -------- 90.0° (10/05/1959)
November - --- 81.0° (11/01/1974)
December - --- 75.0° (12/29/1984)



For more forecast data of New Jersey weather, check out the moving radar picture.

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