The Grand Cru Wine Bar - Bistro

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Re-opened as Terra by the same owners Steve and Lisa Sotland (201-568-3939). The restaurant with two areas, a bar that serves a bar menu and the dining room, serves a New-American menu with Latin influences. Chef Jorge “Freddy” Silva has stayed on as the chef.

The Grand Cru Wine Bar - Bistro
36 North Van Brunt Street
Englewood, NJ 07631

Grand Cru Wine Bar, Englewood, NJ


Price Expensive
Fare American Bistro

Restaurant Ratings

Food 2.0 Stars
Service 2.5 Stars
Decor 3.0 Stars
Overall Rating 2.5 Stars

Restaurant Review

thumbs up Trendy, fun, party-like atmosphere.

thumbs up Wine list offers many varieties.

thumbs up Most patrons report they enjoyed the lounge seating with comfortable couches and tables.

thumbs down Most patrons report that they would come back for the wine and cheese experience rather than a sit down dinner.

thumbs downSome patrons have reported displeasure with the bartenders and floor manager flirting with the waitresses and patrons.


Located next door to the Bergen PAC Theatre, The Grand Cru Wine Bar is a joint venture between Englewood Wine Merchants and Food For Thought Catered Events.

The ambiance and decor is chic, trendy, and friendly, with a NYC vibe. Atmosphere is party-like with entertainment. Can be very noisy. A great place for gathering with friends.

The menu is American bistro style with many tapas selections prepared for sharing, though a limited selection of larger plate entrees are available.

They offer a good wine list by the glass, half bottles, and full bottles. Before ordering, compare the price of a glass of wine to the cost of the bottle. If you plan on having two or more glasses, you may be better off going for the bottle.

They offer a private event room for corporate functions and special occasions.

Note: Check out the Bergen PAC schedule of events prior to paying a visit to The Grand Cru Wine Bar. If you decide to go on the day they have a performance, make sure that you arrive (or make a reservation) well before the event or after curtain call.

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